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Business strategy

Business Strategy


Elim Housing Group is proud to have two parts of the business, Elim Housing Association and Lime Property Ventures. The two organisations will respond to the demand for housing in an integrated way and in their own unique ways.

The Group’s overall vision is as follows:

Our vision is to address housing need

and deliver places for people to call home


As an established housing business, we are well aware that the supply of housing does not in itself satisfy demand and that many people struggle to overcome their financial and social circumstances and achieve independence. It is Elim’s purpose to address some of these challenges and we will achieve this by:

  • providing homes for families and single people at different stages of their lives. This includes affordable homes, market housing, supported accommodation and homes for Gypsy and Travellers.
  • delivering support services, for a wide range of people, which promote social and financial independence,
  • creating partnerships and providing services with others which bring additional financial and community benefit. We aim to have new partnerships in place by 2020.


Our role going forwards is to adapt the work we have done, in order to meet the changing demands for housing and to use our “social purpose” to optimise the value of our assets and the services we provide. To do this, we need to be run as an entrepreneurial social business led by values and socially engaged.


Elim values:

Our strong aspirations for growth; and changes in the housing market, require us to carefully manage the complex balance between our social purpose and being commercially forward thinking. Our values help to maintain this balance and they apply to the social and commercial business.

The whole staff team and Board commit to ensuring that Elim’s approach is always:

    Challenging      :   Focussed on forward thinking behaviour and attitudes

    Collaborative    :   Built on effective and rewarding relationships and joint working

    Open                  :   Open to new ideas, customers and partnerships

    Accountable     :   Financially and socially responsible, transparent and honest

    Quality driven   :   Delivering value for money services and continuous improvement in performance

    Commercial      :   Seeking the best outcome for the business


The Elim Housing Group’s business plan for the period 2016-2020 reflects a wide range of changes that have taken place in our operating environment and sets out our response to these changes which will see Elim working in new and different ways.

This will involve:

  • The addition of Lime Property Ventures (LPV), a commercial subsidiary which will become a separate, but complimentary part of the Group, alongside Elim Housing Association which will retain its social housing aims.
  • The provision of housing for a wider range of people, including home owners and market renters
  • New ways of working, and different expectations of the tenants and residents living in our social rented housing and in our support service accommodation
  • A much closer level of integration between our housing and support services
  • Developing new homes in different ways, using funding arrangements which will involve working with investors and land owners in new partnership arrangements
  • Growing our business to 1,000 homes by 2020.


Business growth:

Our approach to growth will be to work with funders, investors, commissioners and partners; to maximise the number of homes we build and manage and to achieve best value for Elim Housing. This could mean focussing on:

  • temporary housing to meet immediate homelessness issues,
  • modular houses to reduce development costs,
  • sub-market rented housing for people who will not be able to afford full market rent,
  • shared ownership housing,
  • leasing housing from investors and landlords,
  • rent to buy products.


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