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Our Homes in Kingsway

Our 40 home development on Bromley Road & Hixon Walk includes a mix of homes for social rent, shared ownership and low cost home ownership.  This is part of the Linden Homes Regents Place development on Goose Bay Drive. 

Shared ownership allows you to purchase a share in a property and rent the rest.  It is an affordable alternative to renting or buying on the open market and you only need to raise a deposit for the share you are buying.  Our scheme allows you to buy between 40% and 75% of these properties. If your circumstances change in the future, you have the option to buy more shares of the property.  Please read our Guide to Shared Ownership [pdf] 600KB for more information about shared ownership and the sales process.

Low cost home ownership or discounted market sale is an opportunity for you to buy a home at less than the market value.  At Bromley Road and Hixon Walk, you could buy a property at 75% of the market rate as determined by our RICS valuer.  You would only need to pay for your mortgage; there is no rent to pay and you would own the property outright.  When you sell the property, you would have to sell it for 75% of its value at the time.

Both Shared Ownership and Low cost home ownership are designed to help those who are not able to purchase a home outright to get on the property ladder.  There are no upper age limits for applicants for either scheme but you will need to demonstrate that you are unable to buy a home suitable to your needs on the open market, that you can afford to purchase a home this way and that you have a local connection to the area.  To be considered for a shared ownership home you must also be registered with Help to Buy South.

Bromley Road Hixon walk                  

Where to find our new development




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