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Lime Property Ventures

Lime Property Ventures


“Lime Property Ventures’ purpose is to operate commercially in the property market, and to contribute to the work of the Elim Housing Group.”

Lime Property Ventures was established as the commercial subsidiary of Elim Housing Association in February 2016. The two separate, but complementary, organisations now make up the Elim Housing Group, which provides a range of homes and support services. The Group currently has a portfolio of around 800 homes.

Lime Property Ventures will focus on delivering quality housing products and property management services that will generate profit for sustainable business growth and meaningful reinvestment. This will mainly involve the supply of new housing for sale or rent for homeowners or market renters, including student accommodation.

Lime Property Ventures will primarily operate within a geographical area stretching from Gloucester to Somerset, although it has the flexibility to work outside of this area in response to new opportunities on the property market.

Lime Property Ventures delivered its first development project, involving the provision of 25 new units of student accommodation in the centre of Bristol, in August 2016.



Set in the context of a strong demand for housing of all tenures in the UK, the Elim Housing Group has a vision to address housing need and deliver places for people to call home. Lime Property Ventures will contribute towards the achievement of this vision through the supply of new housing for sale or market rent.

In the short to medium term future, Lime Property Ventures has plans to undertake;

  • The provision of new student accommodation for the University of Bristol.

  • New build developments, independently or alongside joint venture partners on larger scale projects

  • The re-development or refurbishment of properties bought through auction or on the open market

  • The renovation of larger properties to create additional units of accommodation in order to increase value of the property overall.

  • Conversion of non-residential properties into dwellings for sale or rent.



Lime Property Ventures delivered Hathaway House, its first development project, involving the provision of 25 new units of student accommodation in the centre of Bristol, in August 2016. Hathaway House was previously owned by Elim Housing Association and used as supported housing accommodation until the support service was decommissioned by Bristol City Council in 2012.


Visit the Lime Property Ventures website for more information






Lime Property Ventures Logo





Hathaway House Kitchen






Student accomodation at Hathaway House

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