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Moving home

Moving home


If you are an existing resident of Elim Housing there are three options available for finding a new home with a social landlord: Internal Transfer, Mutual Exchange or Local Authority Choice Based Letting Scheme.


Internal transfer

If you wish to move to another Elim property you can apply for a transfer. Your right to transfer depends on the type of tenancy you hold.

As we only own a small number of properties we do not have a high number of vacancies.  This means you may wait a long time for a suitable new home to become available. We therefore suggest that you also consider Mutual Exchange and using the Local Authority Choice Based Lettings system to find a new home.

If you wish to apply for a transfer please Contact us and speak to your Housing Officer who will send you an application form and explain the process to you.


Mutual exchange

A mutual exchange is where you swap your home and tenancy with a tenant who also lives in social housing. Most of our general needs tenants have the right to do an exchange. You can find out if you have this right by checking your tenancy agreement or contacting your Housing Officer.

You will need to find another tenant of a housing association or local authority to exchange with.

Elim housing subscribes to Homeswapper an online service you can use to advertise that you wish to exchange and to search for an exchange partner.  As Elim subscribes to this service it is free to our residents.

When you have found an exchange partner you need to contact your Housing Officer who will send you an application form and explain the process  to you.

You can also use this Mutual Exchange Application Form (DEC16) [docx] 452KB to tell us you have found someone to exchange with.  You will need to print it, write the details in and post it to us.

You must not exchange with another tenant without signed consent from Elim Housing.

Want to move home?

Homeswapper - the quick and easy way to find the right sized home for you.  Visit the website now: www.HomeSwapper.co.uk

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