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Noise nuisance reporting

Noise nuisance reporting


A number of nuisance or anti-social behaviour cases we respond to relate to noise disturbances which are ongoing or periodic.  So that we can respond appropriately, we need to collect evidence over a period of time.

We have traditionally asked residents experiencing noise nuisance to record this evidence by writing down details of the noise, when it has happened and the impact this has had.  Some people find this a frustrating process but it has been necessary to allow us to respond to the problem.  We are therefore signed up to The Noise App.

The Noise App can be downloaded for free onto your smart phone from the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android.  You just need to search for ‘The Noise App’ or scan the codes on the poster below.

Once downloaded, which is quick and easy, you can take a recording of the noise and enter the details about the nature of the disturbance.   The recordings and comments can then be shared directly with Elim.

The evidence recorded on The Noise App may be used to provide evidence in legal proceedings for noise nuisance, domestic abuse and child abuse hearings.   Although, as with anything, it relies on the quality of the evidence provided and commitment from the person or people complaining to support any action taken.

The App is easy to use but you will need an email address to allow you to create an account – you will receive an email with a link to click on to complete your registration and allow you to access the account.  (If it doesn't arrive straight away check your junk mail folder).

Once you’ve verified your account by email, you can log in and record up to 30 seconds audio at a time as well as quickly and easily recording details including the type of noise and its impact on you.

If you have any more queries about The Noise App please contact your Housing Officer.


More information about The Noise App [pdf] 728KB


Drawing of noise app


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