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Tales by the Oven

Tales by the Oven

The residents and staff team at Ron Jones House were pleased to host Antonio & Ben, chefs and founders of  pop up pizzeria Tales by the Oven back in April.

Antonio delivered a pizza making workshop with the residents and then the Tales by the Oven team put on a three course meal in the Ron Jones House courtyard.

Having to use ovens on three different floors of the building didn’t put the Tales by the Oven team off with Ben saying “We absolutely loved working with you and your team, and think Ron Jones House is an amazing place”  They are even talking about coming back!

Ron Jones House Team Leader Andy Herbert said “Residents really enjoyed their experience with the Tales by the Oven Team, it was a great opportunity for them and we look forward to working together again soon.

These opportunities include work experience for resident Lee with the Tales by the Oven team.  He is hoping to gain skills and experience which will help him in his job search as well as improving his self confidence.  The two teams are also talking about how they create more regular opportunities for a number of residents to get involved.

For more photos of the event please visit our Facebook page.

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