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Pay your rent

Pay your rent


There are a range of ways that you can pay your rent listed below. If you're not sure which methods are best for you please Contact us to discuss this.


Direct Debit

A Direct Debit is a regular payment made from your bank or building society to our bank.  You can set this up by phoning our head office or by completing a Direct Debit instruction form [pdf] 504KB .

The amount of the Direct Debit will be agreed at the beginning of the arrangement and can be changed with appropriate notice.

Direct Debits can be set up weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or calendar monthly. They can be set up for any day of the week or date.

You will need a bank or building society account to be able to pay this way.


By phone

You can telephone us and make a payment over the phone using your Debit card.  All you need to do is call us on 01454 411172, let us know how much you want to pay and provide us with your credit or debit card details.  We’ll give you an authorisation code while you’re still on the line followed by a printed receipt that will be posted to you.

When you pay your rent over the phone, your payment will go through immediately.

Payments can be processed in just a few minutes, although the first payment made take a few minutes longer while we get your payment account set up.



You can use an Allpay payment card to make payments at a Post office or shop which offers a Paypoint service, online or using the Allpay App.

Payments made at the Post Office or a shop by cash, cheque or debit card can take up to a week for payments made this way to reach us and you should always keep your receipt in case of queries.

To make payments using your smart phone you just need to download the app from iPhone App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone store

You can use our Feedback Form to request a new or replacement Allpay card.  Alternatively Contact us and ask your Housing Officer.  The card should reach you within one week.

Make an online Allpay payment now


Online payments

As well as using your Allpay card to pay online, you can transfer payments online from your bank to ours.  If you wish to pay this way please Contact us for the account details.  Remember you should always use your tenancy reference as the payment reference so we know which account the payment is for.


Housing Benefit Direct

If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit you can ask the Housing Benefit department to pay this directly to Elim Housing.

If you wish to pay this way you will need to notify your local Housing Benefit department. If you choose to pay this way you are still responsible for your Housing Benefit and for ensuring that your rent is paid on time.

You will also need to choose another payment method to pay for any rent which is not covered by Housing Benefit.

The benefits system is changing and Housing Benefit will be replaced with Universal Credit which cannot be paid direct to us.  Please read our Benefit changes section to find out more about this.



You can pay your rent by posting a cheque to us.

This can be given to your Housing Officer or posted to our head office address. You will always get a receipt once we have received your cheque.

It may take several days before your cheque is credited to your account.


Standing Order

A Standing Order is a regular payment which your bank or building society makes to our bank.  You'll need to set this up with your bank or building society. You can get our account details if you Contact us. We cannot change the frequency or amount of Standing Order payments so you will need to ensure you make any necessary changes in good time.



You can give cash to your Housing Officer or take it to your local office.  You will always receive a receipt for any cash payments made to us.

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