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Rent arrears

Rent arrears


If you are having difficulty paying your rent please Contact us to discuss this.

We can provide advice and information which can help you manage the situation rather than getting into arrears.

If your account goes into arrears we will contact you to notify you of this.  It is important that you respond to this contact.  We can make an agreement with you to clear the arrears as well as providing advice and information.

If you do not contact us and you do not address the arrears you are putting your home at risk.

If you have not responded to our contact or kept to an agreement to clear the arrears, we will serve you with a Notice of Seeking Possession.  This is the first stage in the legal process of repossessing your home.

If you receive a Notice of Seeking Possession we recommend that you obtain independent legal advice.  You can get free advice from an agency such as Citizens Advice Bureau or Shelter.

You should also Contact us and speak with your Housing Officer about your circumstances and make an agreement to clear the account.  If you make an agreement and keep to this we will not take further action.

If you do not contact us to make an agreement or if you do not keep to any agreement made the next stage is for us we will apply to the court for possession of your property.  The court will set a date for a possession hearing which you will be notified of and which you should attend.

At a possession hearing a Judge will decide whether to adjourn the hearing, grant us a suspended possession order or grant us an immediate possession order.

Adjournment:  The judge may adjourn or rearrange the hearing to a future date if you are waiting for the outcome of a Housing Benefit claim or if the Judge requires more information to be able to make a decision.  You will receive a letter advising you of the date the hearing has been rearranged for.

Suspended Possession Order: This means that you will be allowed to remain in your home providing your make the payments set out in the order.  The payments will usually be your current rent charge plus an extra regular amount to clear the arrears.  If you miss a payment we can apply for a warrant to evict you from your home.

Immediate possession order: This means that you will be given a date to leave the property usually 14 or 28 days after the hearing date.  If you have left the property and returned the keys to us by this date we can apply for a warrant to evict you from your home.


Managing your money

If you have difficulty managing your money or debts please tell us.  We can help you find support agencies and specialist services which can help you with these issues.

You can also find useful information about budgeting skills in the Your money and benefits section of this website.

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