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Skills for life

Skills for life


The Skills for Life tenancy training course is open to people of all ages and abilities living in North Somerset and covers:      

  • Finding and maintaining a tenancy including personal responsibilities

  • Consequences of ASB, rent arrears, eviction

  • Paying utility bills

  • Managing money and debt

  • Health and safety in the home

Skills for life is delivered in small, friendly and informal groups. It is recognised by social landlords, Keysteps and the North Somerset Housing Advice team. In addition, If you have a HomeChoice account, a note can be added to say you have completed the course and include all the topic areas you have covered. Learners can also apply to the team for a reference to support with move on.


Read more about the Skills for Life Tenancy Course [pdf] 320KB


Useful forms:

Skills for Life Referral Form [docx] 42KB

Skills for Life course overview [docx] 15KB

Skills for Life Reference form [docx] 35KB



Previous learners have said:

“A fun & caring way 2 learn to be a good tenant”

“Easy, helpful and helps you to feel more confident moving on, on your own”

“It has been extremely helpful & I have learnt a lot more than when I started. It is definitely worth doing”.

 “Very informal and laid back, lots of information & friendly and the course is at your speed”.


You can apply by calling 01275 854739 or email skillsforlife@elimhousing.co.uk

Skills for Life pic

Skills for life



Residents receiving skills for life certificates



Client receiving skills for life certificate

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