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The Support Alliance

The Support Alliance


The Support Alliance is made up for 6 partner agencies who primarily deliver floating support to people in the community to help them find or maintain their own accommodation.  We have one member of staff who does this as well as being the deliverers of the Skills for Life course.  This is a six session course which aims to equip people to be able to manage their tenancies independently.  The course is recognised by Alliance Homes and North Somerset Council.


Who can The Support Alliance help?

We can help anyone who has a housing related support need in North Somerset.


What type of support does The Support Alliance provide?

The floating support we offer can be low – high need and we are flexible in the number of hours of support we deliver to clients.  We offer a wide range of housing related support including support to apply/look for alternative accommodation, support with budgeting, support with applying for benefits and support with confidence building.  We can also support clients to access a wide range of more specialist services including health services, social services and legal services.


How does The Support Alliance provide support?

Floating Support is carried out on a 1:1 basis in people’s homes or in the community. 

Skills for Life is mainly delivered in group sessions in central locations however, this can be flexible and there may be distance learning options available to learners. 


How long can I work with the service?

Floating Support through the Support Alliance is designed to be a short term service and we would expect the majority of our clients to be signed off after six months.  However, there may be some circumstances where we can support people for up to two years if it is required. 


What makes the Support Alliance great?

We own the Skills for Life course which runs under the Support Alliance banner.  This is a local authority wide recognised course which equips people to be able to manage their tenancies and avoid homelessness. 

We work in a psychologically informed and flexible way and will seek to be creative to meet the needs of our service users. 


How to apply

All referrals for Floating Support are assessed through the Support Alliance Triage Team.

You can apply direct by completing a form available here http://www.supportalliance.org.uk/how-to-apply.html

You can call the Triage Team on 0300 123 9121.

You can ask to be referred via the Gateway system.  We can do this for you at Tudor House (01275 854739) or you can drop-in at any time to the Town Hall in Weston-Super-Mare and ask to be referred.


You can be referred through a current support worker or you can self refer to Skills for Life.  Please contact the team on 01275 854739 or skillsforlife@elimhousing.co.uk


Read more about The Support Alliance


The Support Alliance, Tudor House, Watery Lane, Nailsea. BS45 2AX




The Support Alliance logo




Chloes story of progress with The Support Alliance

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