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Support services

Support services


At Elim Housing we want to make a positive difference to the lives of the people we support. We recognise that we are all individuals and that one size does not fit all.

We have created a service which is designed to support your individual needs and is flexible enough to respond to those needs.

We want the focus to be on your aspirations for the future. By this, we mean that we concentrate on positives and support every person to overcome obstacles and barriers, to enable them to get to where they want to be.

We provide support in a number of different ways:

  • One to one meetings
  • Group meetings
  • Skills for life workshops
  • Through partnerships with other specialist agencies
  • Over the phone
  • Via e-mail



Our commitment to you

Elim’s Support Services staff have all made the  following commitment to the individuals they support:

  • l I will speak to you as an equal and in a down to earth, honest way.
  • l I will be a positive role model for you.
  • l I will have belief and hope in you.
  • l I will recognise your skills and encourage you to do things for yourself.
  • l I will tell you about things that affect you. I realise that knowledge is power.
  • l I will be approachable and take the time to value you and acknowledge you.
  • l I will listen to you and respond to your views, your ideas and your opinions.
  • l I will be honest with you. When I am not sure what is best then I will tell you and work with you to find a way forward.
  • l I will be flexible to your changing needs. I won’t set you up to fail.
  • l I will be up front about any bad news and make sure you have support if you need it.
  • l I will have a clear agenda for our meetings, but your agenda is just as important. I recognise that your time is valuable too.
  • l I will always recognise your potential.

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Image of staff and residents from Ron Jones House on 2012 museum trip

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