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Elim Housing Board

The Board


Elim Housing is led by a voluntary board of 12 members. The Board meets at least four times a year and its role is to oversee all our activities including monitoring performance, planning for the future and agreeing policy.

Our Board members bring a diverse range of skills and experience in all the key areas of governance, financial expertise, strategy and operational management. They act independently and provide their time and services on an unpaid basis. Board members are elected by our shareholders who each ‘own’ a share in Elim Housing. These shares do not bring any financial benefit. Board members serve a term of three years and can then be re-elected. They can only serve a maximum of three terms.

Board members regularly come to our Thornbury head office and, from time to time, they also visit housing projects as a way of keeping in touch with our work.

Our current Chair of the Board is Steve Blake who took on the post in September 2016 and several years as a member of the Board.


Read more about our The Elim Housing Board [pdf] 284KB  and why they joined us

Graham Russell

  Steve Blake


Chair of the Board, Steve Blake, explains why he joined Elims Board:

"I was keen to be a board member of Elim to be able support the great work the organisation does. In particular, I wanted to help with its new development work and also help shape its strategic direction.

It is great to be involved with an organisation which helps people in so many different ways, it is extremely rewarding."

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