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Wells Road & Priory Court

Wells Road & Priory Court

We are a project to help support young parents in gaining the confidence and skills to be able to move out in the community. We are a part of the Bristol Young Parents Alliance (BYPA).  We are staffed 24 hours which enables us to support those parents with higher support needs


The support we provide

We help pregnant woman and single parents aged 16-24 with a child up to the age of 3.

We are a project that offers high support in maintaining good health, taking care of emotional needs, keeping your child safe from harm (risky people and situations, good safety in the home), obtaining and keeping good social networks, offering support for your and your child’s learning, learning how to set boundaries for yourself and your child, establishing and keeping a good routine, managing your money, paying bills, completing household tasks. 

We offer twice weekly 1:1 support session as well as 24 hour staff to answer queries that you may have in between. 

We also have group work at the project.  This sometimes provided by our staff and at other times it is provided by an outside project.  We also work very closely with children’s centres, clinics, so that we can refer parents to groups out in the community.

The maximum stay is around 9 months.


The accommodation

We have 10 flats that have a kitchen, bathroom, baby’s room, bedsitting room.  We provide a fridge/freezer, cooker, bed, mattress and sofa. 

We also have 5 rooms in the shared house.  The living room, kitchen, shower room and bathroom are shared facilities (The house is strictly reserved for females).

We have a decent size courtyard for the children to play.  A communal sitting and play room and laundry facilities.  We also have a good size staff room and office to hold 1:1 sessions. 

There is also a secure door entry system.


This is a great place to live because....

We are across the street from Priory GP surgery and from Broadwalk shopping centre. 

We are on a main bus route so we are easily accessible from town, Southmead and Hartcliffe and there is a 24 hour supermarket about a 15 minute walk down the Wells Road.

We are also in close proximity with Knowle Clinic and Illminster Children’s Centre.


How to apply

We get all of our referrals through the Bristol City Council Homeless prevention.  Seek advice from your nearest housing office or give us a call.


Wells Road & Priory Court, 328 Wells Road, Knowle, Bristol. BS4 2QL.  Phone 01179774528  Email b.knowle@elimhousing.co.uk


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Rubinas story of her time at Wells Road

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